Monday, July 11, 2011

Late Night Thoughts and Ideas

Have you ever laid down in bed, pulled the covers up to your chin, got your pillow adjusted just right, you get ready to close your eyes, and suddenly your head gets bum rushed by a bajillion thoughts and ideas or maybe just events of the the past day? Well, I just so happened to not experience that tonight, but I have previously and totally hate it.

So, here I am cruising the web searching for scrubs to buy because that's what people mainly wear in my profession. I am kinda sick and tired of the ones I currently have and washing scrubs every so often in a week gets old and I want to be lazy in the middle of my work week. It's really been awhile since I really shopped for scrubs. I mean yeah, I went to the local Wal-Mart and picked up scrubs for work because I needed them ASAP and that was the only place I knew that sold scrubs at that time and for a decent price.

I promise you, I am getting to my idea...

Anyway, I am looking at how the style of scrubs have severely changed over the years. They are no longer the boxy, unattractive stiff pieces of fabric. They have really evolved with the times and are pretty cute and stylish. As you can tell, I am thoroughly impressed. This is what starts my gears turning. By the time I was done purchasing my scrub sets, I had a well thought out idea. I probably have a full season line up of scrubs in my head. Currently just female line up, but I am sure I could come up with a stylish male one too. I so want to flip the light on and start scribbling down outfits. I am afraid I am going to forget this idea. It's kinda the reason I semi blogged the idea, hoping that the ideas would stay with me.

Ok, so, I have the idea, how do I go about executing it? I can't sew. I seriously suck at it. Do I go find someone that can follow a drawing, make it into a pattern and go from there? Also, how do I go about selling my idea? My target group really isn't around where I live. I am sure I would have a few customers, but living in a farming community that is absolutely ghetto probably wouldn't give a damn.

Ugh, I am too tired right now to continue thinking. Maybe when I get up in the morning, I can ponder more on this. I could also drop some doodles down to and show you all what I am talking about.

'Til then...
Night all!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Makeup My World

As long as I can remember, makeup was never really part of my world. Yeah sure, I experimented with it as a teenager, but I always thought of it as a hassle; therefore, never made time for it. As I got a little older, I would buy makeup here and there. Maybe a some lip gloss here, some face powder there. Nothing really that could make a whole face up. It was pointless anyway. I had no clue how to apply makeup. No one had ever taught me and I never asked. Honestly, I never really cared. I had it in my mind that makeup was evil and girls only used it to make themselves more desirable or trashy. Either way, I believed that makeup took away from their natural beauty and that they were all fake. I was all about being oh nat-tu-ral. Plus, guys like it better when you didn't spend an hour or two in the bathroom getting ready. Especially the one I was dating in my early twenties. He liked that I would just throw my hair back and off we went. 

About 7 years ago, maybe a little longer, my ex-mother-in-law had asked me why I really don't wear makeup. She was always wearing makeup when out and about etc. She was and more than likely is still a beautiful women. I just told her makeup wasn't my style and I didn't see the point of it. She said to me, give it about 5 years or so, you'll understand more. I just looked at her like, "what?" Sadly, I now understand what she was saying. For many people, when you get older, your skin gets more washed out and not so fresh and dewy looking like it once was. Something makeup could give you back. Though, with that new knowledge, I didn't turn to makeup, I still thought it was a hassle and just didn't care how I looked. Actually, now that I think of it. I never really cared how I looked. Well, I did but I didn't. I like to blend in with the world and not stand out. I felt makeup help stand me out. Don't ask, I don't know, LOL! Low self esteem plays a huge part of my life. Anyway, it would be several years later that makeup finally made an appearance in my life.

I guess it was going on three years since I had left my ex-husband. I never did that "I'm a new woman" makeover after I left him. I was sick and tired of my looks. I needed a change. Nothing drastic, just something different. Unsure how to accomplish it, I did what any modern age person would do. I turned to the internet for help. God bless the internet!

I was browsing YouTube and on their homepage I noticed a video of a makeup tutorial. Out of curiosity, I clicked it and watched the magic of makeup stream before my eyes. I was mesmerized. It was a video from Panacea81. I must have watched all her videos that day. I enjoyed watching her apply eye makeup and just hear her talk. She is someone I could see myself being friends with in real life. She's just a great overall person and happy she is blessed with such success.

Later on, I searched for more beauty tutorials. I only watched videos that got tons of views and had good quality. I know that shuts out a good majority of beauty gurus, but I was looking to learn. I then stumbled upon MakeupGeekTV and fell in love with Marlena. She is exactly what I was looking for. She had the makeup 101's to advance, spoke clearly and explained techniques well. Her wonderful personality was a great bonus too.

I soon found other YouTube beauty gurus to watch and follow, but it wasn't until recently I wanted to see and know more. After watching a Petrilude video of how he learned how to apply makeup, I went out and got books to read. I don't plan on going anywhere with my new found passion. I just want to learn to better myself. If it takes me elsewhere, I will do my best to nurture that flower and bloom. For right now, I am just going to keep practicing, because God knows I need to, and watching the pros create their magic with a sweep of a brush.

Have I transformed/ had a makeover yet? Not quite, but I am hoping to soon. When I do decide to have my makeover, it will be everything "Me." I wouldn't want to be anyone else but me. The makeover I want to do is to make me feel better about myself and go beyond where I haven't gone before. I just want to try something new for my new journeys ahead.

(This totally should have gone up as one of my first blog posts. I just never got around to it. Not only that, but things have slightly changed since I created this blog.)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Double Fail Monday

Screenshot of

First fail: Shame on Ashley Judd's Makeup artist for using light reflective powder to set her under eye contour makeup. Just because it says HD powder on it doesn't make it photo ready. Tsk! Tsk!

Second Fail: Fail on whomever posted this on ABCNews site and thought that Ashley didn't rub in her face makeup. They clearly have no clue what they are talking about.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hit or Miss: Part 1

I know in the past I would review products and write a blog on them. Sometimes, I would make the blog as wordy as possible to make it an actual post rather than me saying "I liked it" or "I hate it." I figured for some of the products that I have tried and haven't written a review yet, I would do a Hit or Miss list with them. That way it's easier for me and gives you more things to see other than random rambles by me, haha! :D

I originally was going to do this with just Health & Beauty products, but then I thought, "why stop there?" So, in the future, I may add other things in my "Hit or Miss" blogs. Oh yeah, I am hoping to do a "Hit or Miss" series. Probably should have mentioned that first. I need sleep. I have been up all night, then again, I work night shift so it's natural for me. Anyway......

Urban Decay Primer Potion in a bottle

Let me just say that I love Urban Decay Primer Potion. I use it daily. I hate the bottle. Everyone who uses this knows the bottle design was a complete fail and ends up slicing it open to get the remaining product out. The bottle design is the only reason why this is a miss.

Urban Decay Primer Potion Tube

Two thumbs up for Urban Decay. They recently started putting their wonderful product in a more accessible container.

Two Faced First Base

Since we are on shadow/ eye make up primers, this is Two Face First Base. Now, Two Face has a primer potion just like Urban Decay and more than likely the same formula, but I wanted to try something different so I picked this up. I should have really looked at the product before buying it. I think I actually bought it online from Sephora. I can't recall. Anyway, this is shimmer hell. I am not a fan of frosty or overly shimmery things. This is just that, over the top shimmer. So, not for me.

Benefit High Beam

Ok, I know I just said I am not a fan of frost and shimmer yet I list this and it's nothing but frost and shimmer. There is a reason. I love using this to add highlight to my cheekbones, brow bone, to illuminate lightly all over for a dewy look etc. This is not over the top. I am sure it could be if you way over used it, but this for me is the right amount of shimmer I need where I want it. I currently have this in sample form, but a little goes a long way. Once it's out, yo better believe that I will be repurchasing this "super model in a model."

Rimmell London Max Volume

My lashes need every little help they can get. I was not blessed with "look at me eyelashes." I heard several YouTube beauty gurus rave about this product. I thought, "well, it's not gonna break the bank if I buy it." So I tried it. I loved it. It did what it promised and what the gurus had said. Why is it in the miss category then? Good question. See, the thing is, it's great for wearing in short durations or instances that don't call for rising temperatures. I wore this to work one night. I'm a nurse and I am up and down all the time. I would say 3 hours or less into the shift, I went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. I noticed that my mascara was making itself known on place where it shouldn't have. After fixing that problem, I continued to work. By the time I got home, I think I about wore off the mascara on my face. I thought maybe I applied it too fast that night and tried it again the second night. Nope, same thing. I wanted to like it, but it lacks staying power.

Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeliner

I love, love, love this eyeliner. I use this the most out of all my eyeliners. It's well pigmented, it has the best staying power and stays put where it should. It's smuggable. It can be applied to be very clean looking. It can be messy. You name it, it can do it. I've been using this over a year. It lasts forever. I like the clean look this gives. I use my angled eyeliner brush from Sonia Kashuk, wet the brush, dip it in the product, and line my eyes. I cannot rave enough about this product.

Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer

I have to admit, this is the only higher end concealer I have used and tried. The many concealers that I have used in the past were drugstore brands like Physicians Formula and one you will see next in this blog. I am not knocking PF, they are okay, but not great. Laura Mercier Camo on the other hand is great. It does exactly what it's suppose to....conceal. It even conceals the most stubborn spots and blends very well. I love the dual colors it offers. They work well together or separate.

Hard Candy Concealer Palette

I love that there are different color concealers in this palette. It makes it very versatile and easy to travel with. Sadly, this is nothing but a greasy, sheer pot of crap. Have you ever stuck your finger in shortening before? Well, this is what it felt like to me when I stuck my finger in it for the first time a couple weeks ago. Even though it felt greasy, I still gave it a try. When I applied it, it did nothing. How surprising. I knew something that greasy would be nothing but sheer. I read other reviews on it and people were saying you can build it up. What? Eeew! Why? Building up with this would cause nothing but creases. Ick. This is SO a miss for me.

L'Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle

When I first put this on it felt awesome. It just glided well all over my face. It is a light coverage foundation, but the color matched me well and felt like air on my skin. Then I looked into the mirror. I am plagued with dry skin. My T Zone is the damn Sierra Dessert. This stuff settles into my dry areas and looks like sand dunes on my dry skin. I wanted to love this, but my skin told me different.

CeraVe Face Cleanser and Lotion

I know the product looks so generic and unappealing, but my skin loves it. The facial cleanser helps reduce the redness/ rosacea on my cheeks and where ever redness decides to sneak up on me. It feels like lotion when applied and very gentle on my face. As for the lotion, it's gentle enough for my face and strong enough for my body. I love it. It gives just the right amount of moisture needed everywhere and doesn't feel like grease on my face or anywhere else. I've been using this well over a year and really can tell a difference in my skin, mainly my face. I have tried more expensive products and they never gave me the result this has.

Well, that's it for this round of "Hit or Miss." It's bed time for me. I hope you all enjoyed my reviews. Remember, everyone is different so not everyone is going to have the same effect. These are my opinions and mine alone. I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned. I bought everything with my own hard earn cash.

Have a great day y'all!

Blog Makeover

As you can see, I changed from the simple white background and added some color and design to the blog. Basically this is in hope of me trying to become more active here since I really have been ignoring it since I started. Also, I will be doing my very own self makeover soon. So, I thought, why not do one here too.

Come May, I am hoping to get a great hair cut, dye job and highlights. May not go too much all out. I will see though. I know I am wanting a change just to see how it looks. If all fails, it will fade in time and I can go back being same old boring me. I figure I will post ideas of hair cuts, colors, highlights etc here just to jot down ideas for myself and anyone else who is bored.

Well, besides the blog makeover and my self makeover, I have other things I am going to soon blog about. I am hoping to pick up those items over the weekend if I make it into the city. Grrrr.....hate living so far from civilization. Takes a little over an hour and a half to get to a Target or any other decent store for that matter. I thought when I lived in Virginia I was isolated. WTF was I thinking then? At least there I had several Wal-Marts, Targets and other stores to choose from. See, this is what you get for complaining, haha!

Anyway, hopefully this blog makeover will actually make me want to come here more often and finally get this thing off the ground somewhat. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Childhoods Becoming a Thing of the Past

What ever happened to the days of running around outside on a warm summer day without a care to the world? Whatever happened to playing with dolls? Playing dress up? Playing kickball with the neighborhood kids? Anything that symbolizes being a kid?  I loved my childhood. It's a freedom I will never have again but hope to see in my kids one day. These days parts of society are targeting kids as young as 7 or 8 years old to be teens or young adults. They are teaching our young that in order to be pretty you have to buy these certain things or look a certain way.

Wal-Mart currently released a cosmetic line aimed at the pre-tweens called GeoGirl. Yes, pre-tweens! For those that are unaware of that age group, they are about 8 years old. Not only are they cosmetics but it's claim is to help the reduction of aging? WTF?!?!?!? Seriously? They are 8 years old. Why do they need to worry about stuff like that? Yeah, I know it's great to start awareness at a young age to maintain what you have for your later years, but what the heck?! They are still growing and haven't even matured enough yet to worry about signs of aging. Dear goodness, what has this world become? This is not the worst of it.

How would you like your 7 or 8 year old running around in a bikini? Not really a problem to some people, right? Well, what if I told you these bikini's are like the ones adults wear? Minus the thong part, but it's not like they haven't crossed that line before, and with a padded top? Here, let me give you a better idea of what I am talking about.
This is a screen shot of Abercrombie and Fitch for kids Online

It's cute, right? But why would you want to put that on your child? A CHILD? Why do you want your 8 year old prancing around in a well padded skimpy bikini top at a public pool or beach? Are you trying to send her all the wrong signals? The world is crazy enough out there, why are you inviting it into your home?

For real people, if you don't see the damage this is doing to your child then I have little respect for you. I am sorry. Life is already hard enough with society telling people how we all should look. Why do you want to put that burden on an 8 year old? It's all in the parenting, right? Of course it is. I know it's up to the parents to teach their child from right and wrong, to instill values, etc. But how is teaching your child that physical beauty is where it's at any good? Things like this is what causes increase stress and anxiety in teens. Possibly increase suicides, increase depression. Why are we putting our children through this? Have we become that shallow of a community that we will even put out babies at risk? Parents, if you have a brains, please let your child be a child and leave the grown up stuff for us or at least when our children are more capable of making a good decision. The world is crazy enough as is, lets not add to it. These kids are our future.

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I know my childhood were some of the best years of my life. I cherish them.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Everything Happens for a Reason

I was originally going to make a post about "10 Things I Believe In" similar to what a blogger and friend of mine, The Princess and the Parolee, did but I got hung up on the first subject of what I believed in and wanted to continue talking about it. It's an American Proverb I feel strongly about- Everything happens for a reason. I know in many situations, it's the last thing you want to hear. It certainly doesn't help heal things at that time or any time later, but it is something to take into consideration some day.

I choose the oddest times to reflect on my life or others that are in my life whether it be when I am looking myself in the mirror putting makeup on or driving down the road. It's usually when I am at the most peace. The other day, I was getting ready for work, just doing my daily routine and I found my mind wandering, thinking, reflecting. I don't know why it came about but it did. I was thinking about my aunt. You see, she had a very, very turbulent relationship with a boyfriend of hers eons ago. It was abusive every way possible- verbal, physical, you name it and it went both ways. Either way, it was very unhealthy. My aunt finally over came the relationship, found peace and was given God's greatest gift, a child. Was the reckless relationship a test to prepare her of what was to come? Was it to teach her balance and prepare her for motherhood? I know, what a strange way to see if you are ready for a child, but she was a single parent a good bit of time and balancing her life and emotions to ensure her child a decent living was needed. She did well.

Shortly after, I found myself wandering again, but this time, I was thinking about my own life. When people ask me, "If you could go back in time, where would you go?" That is simple. I would go back to when I was born and start my life all over. It's not because I regret my life, it's because it would give me a chance to spend time with my parents all over again. I miss them greatly and spending time with them again is my only wish. Of course this leads to a point that "everything happens for a reason." I know God can't grant me my wish and it is certainly not my time yet, but I do believe he has given me an opportunity. I currently live with my boyfriend and his parents. Living with his parents is not by choice, it's just an in between thing for now since Cameron was given a decent job where they live. So, we up and left our apartment and moved into their house temporarily until we find our own. Even though I don't spend all my time with them since my work schedule is total opposite of theirs, I still have the moments when I can converse with them and just know they are there. The comfort of having parents in my life again.

When you sit back and reflect on your life, do you think that "yes, everything happens for a reason?" Do you believe that these "tests" in life are what makes you stronger and shape who you are? Even though the above examples are a couple of life reflections, I can sit back and think of many occurrence's in my life and decipher the reasoning behind them. Some of which I know the answer to, some of which I may never know and leave me wondering. What I do know is, these moments, tests, lessons, that I am sure of, I learn from and they stay with me. I will admit that sometimes I make the same mistake over, but what can I say, I am only human.

Although I am not sure I truly believe "everything" happens for a reason since it does leave little to no room for chance. I do believe there is room for both in everyones life because "Anything is Possible."

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Would You Rather...

I thought I would do a beauty tag because they are fun and I'd like to know what others would do in a situation. So, if you are reading this, I tag YOU to do this also, and then let me know. 

Would you rather...

1. Walk around all day with your skirt tucked into your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?

When I was a young girl, I was cheering at a football game. I excused myself from the sidelines and went to the little girl's room. When I walked out and started walking by the bleachers, I could hear snickering and giggles. If it wasn't for my friend's mother who ran up behind me and yanked my skirt down that was tucked into my bloomers, I don't think anyone else would have told me. So embarrassing. With that said, I would rather be seen wearing something really see through because at least that sounds like something done on purpose, LOL!

2. Go to a party and not realize until the end of the night that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?

Sadly, I have experienced my false lashes becoming unglued by the end of the night. Thankfully, it was dark and I hope no one really saw. The situation would have been different if I was at a lit party though. So, I would rather have lipstick on my teeth than my lash becoming unglued. At least lipstick on teeth can be hidden from time to time because it's not like I am going to be showing my teeth all the time.

3. Forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?

This is easy for me...I would rather forget to put mascara on one eye. I don't have really noticeable lashes so I could probably get away with that. Blush is totally more noticeable and would be horrifying.

4. Wear lipstick/ lip liner combo or frosty blue eye shadow?

I don't see a big deal about either, but I know for certain I would not be able to pull of the frosty blue shadow. So, I would rather do the lipstick/ liner combo. (Although I think they are talking about the dark lip liner with the pale lip stick but it wasn't specified.)

5. Wear foundation that is two shades too light or go way overboard on bronzer?

OMGosh! This is a hard one to decide. Eeeek, I suppose wear a foundation that is 2 shades to light. I would rather look like a ghost than an oopma loompa, ya know? hehe

6. Drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy, who broke your heart, on a bad hair day when your skin is freaking out?

No guy is worth killing myself by drinking a whole bottle of ketchup. So, I would rather just bump into him when I look like a mess. He broke my heart so what do I care what I look like when I see him? I'm not one of those girls who have to show an ex what he is missing. It's his fault for missing out.

7. Be able to date any celebrity you wanted or wake up with perfect red carpet worthy hair?

What a dumb question, LOL! I would rather wake up with perfect hair. Celebrities come with too much baggage and it's not my kind of lifestyle. I like to be low key, no in the eye of the public.

8. Your arm pits smell musky or like delicious lasagna?

And I thought the last question was dumb....for heaven sakes this one is by far the dumbest. I would rather smell musky. Yes, musky! Why? Because smelling like lasagna 24/7 365 days a year would be nauseating.

9. Give up your make up or cellphone for a year?

I would give up make up. Make up can't give me the satisfaction of hearing a loved ones voice.

10. Run into a guy you like with your mouth full of food or no make up at all?

Easy, no make up at all. If I want a guy to like me, he is gonna have to like me with no make up at all. I love make up, but I don't wear it every day. Plus, if a guy is not gonna like me with no make up, then he is more shallow than I and not worth my time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Next Step

Well, apparently I can't keep up two blogs. The one I wanted to work with the most, I seem to have neglected the most. So, it has come down to getting rid of it and just posting everything and anything on my main blog. Why? Because it's easier for me and it seems I don't have a lot to talk about when it comes to games. I thought there would be, but there is not. I tend to play the games and never get around to saying anything about it cause I am too wrapped up in it. I fail, I know. Hopefully now, since I am condensing, I will have more to say on that topic. Anywho.....that's all.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Grammy Hit or Miss Fashion List

Now that the Grammy buzzy has died down a bit, I thought I would chime in with my thoughts about some of the fashion that hit the red carpet. It's not going to be everybody, just a few I picked out. This is all my opinion and I am in no way a professional Fashionista.

Every year, she tries to out do herself making some kind of statement of some sorts. I will never understand her nor her style. I am certainly not a fan of hers. Sorry to all the Gaga fans, but I am not. I am sure she is a great performer, but she is not my cup of tea.
Anyway, the above photo is her in a egg unborn. She later emerges out from the egg on stage, wearing the yellow sheer plastic looking outfit below, during her performance of her new song "Born This Way."
At first when I saw photos of her, I didn't notice the pointy implants on her shoulder. I just passed them off as shoulder pads to later discover she isn't wearing a shirt that could contain them. Yes, I am very observant, LOL! Those implants freak me out. She even has some on her forehead as horns, but you can't tell in these photos. I think her make up/ costume artist did a fab job matching and blending in her implants and making them stay throughout the night. As for her make up itself....nothing special, just black lipstick and black winged eye make up.

Seriously, Cyndi...WTF is this? I loved you and your quirky style back in the 80's but that was then. Now, it's just wrong and looks tacky. For one, you don't have the body to pull this off and two, how old are you now? To top off this outfit, you failed to add any make up for color and your face looks washed out. Oh, and that "just rolled out of bed" hair look is hideous. I hope you fire your entourage that actually told you, you look good.

Ciara- Many network fashionista's claimed Ciara's dress to be stylish and sexy. I am sorry to say I disagree. To me it looks like a glitzy glam super hero outfit. Seriously....can you not see it? LOL!

I think Jennifer Hudson looks wonderful. Her dress fits her well and shows off her lovely body. You can tell she worked hard to get where she is now. I envy her. The only problem I have with the dress is, her girls need a little more breathing room. They are popping out trying to get some air.

Kelly Osbourne has come a long, long way from her punk days. You can tell she feels so much better about herself these days. She looks fabulous.

Grandma's sheer curtains....check. A beaded brazier....check. Wings....check. Now where did I put my GD halo?
I love Katy Perry, but WTF is this? This is not a well thought out outfit...not like many of them are, but still. It's like she was in a rush, grabbed the curtain, wrapped it around her waist, stop by a costume store on the way to the Grammys to justify the bottom half, and hopped on the red carpet.

Glee cast member, Diana Agron is rockin' this black dress with the rocker chic make up and hair. I really like the make up and hair. It's done well and looks great on her. I could care less about the dress, but she looks great in it; so, can't complain.

Glee cast member, Lea Michele, took the sultry route with her Grammy outfit. Even though she looks gorgeous in it, I don't like anything about it. Well, maybe the pop of color she gave her lips, but that's about it. I am thinking maybe if she wore her hair up it would look better? IDK, what do you think? I just think there is too much going on around the neck line and with the hair up it would open up the dress up top and show it off a bit more.

I love the dress, just not on Margret Cho. Actually, I think everything is wrong with her outfit- her hair, her make up her dress. The woman needs color. What she has on ages her about ten years. Asian women are known for their youthful appearance. Use it and abuse it while you still can. I think a bright color would have played better with her pale skin and that dark lip stick needs to go. Again, bright colors would have been much better for her.

Has there ever been an instance when Snookie looked good? She looks like a metallic, hot mess. Her hair never really changes, her make up is decent, but the dress so does not fit her body. This girl has money now, I am sure of it. Freakin' use it or give it to someone who will. You need a fashion stylist not from Jersey.

Frankenstein's bride meets cheetah of the jungle. I don't know a thing about Nicki Minaj, but someone needs to tell her she over did it on the cheetah animal print.And about the is this suppose to go with the animal print? The only good thing about this outfit is the make up. I love the blue glitter liner used for the lower lash line. It gives a nice pop to the eyes.

Oh Ricky, Ricky, Ricky. Such a nice looking guy that normally dresses very well. What made you think platinum skinny jeans would go well with a tuxedo blazer, white oxford and black tie?

Selena Gomez- Love the hair, love the make up, love the dress. With that said, she needs a little pep in her step. She's young, she should dress the age and save this look for a few years down the line.

Miley Cyrus- Love the beach wave hair, love the make up, hate the dress. The two tone metallic dress just hangs off of her and does nothing for her shape. Thank goodness she is using her hair as an accessory too. Her boob is about to pop out of the side of the dress.

Rhianna- It looks like someone grabbed a garland of tulle, spun her in circles, and called it a dress. Plus, this dress really leaves nothing to the imagination. How do you wear any type of under garment in this dress anyway?
Well, at least her hair and make up is top notch. I love the light frosted color on the eye lid and the pinkish blush color in the crease. I wish I could pull something off like that. 

Eve Longoria- It took me awhile to like this dress. It grew on me as I was preparing photos for this blog. She is a petite person; so, the shortness of this dress gives her the length for her well toned legs. So, jealous!

I think Kim is gorgeous and I would kill for her hair. But this look is too bronzed out from head to toe.

Is it just me or does Kim and Eva look like they could be related?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chick Flicks for my Valentine's Day Weekend


I am not one to get pulled too much into the over hyped holiday we call Valentine's Day. My fiancĂ© knows how much I love him. I tell him and show him every day. I don't need one day out of the year to express my love for him. Nor do I expect something special from him. There is only one thing I expect from him though and that is to watch the flood of chick flicks that take over the television stations prior to and on Valentine's Day with me. Oh, there's nothing better than a good chick flick to remind you how love can be even if it is superficial in the movies.

I love a good Jane Austen story. She knew how write with depth. This particular version of Pride and Prejudice is BBC made and in my opinion, the best one. It's not glamorized Hollywood style. It feels more real due to the true settings of where the story takes place. The simplicity of everything allows the story to tell it's tale. I love the struggle shown that Elizabeth Bennett goes through and Mr. Darcy. This is true love.
Another Jane Austen story. This was the first Jane Austen story I fell in love with. I love how this story shows two views of love. One being shy and reserved while the other being firey and filled with passion. You could feel both loves and struggles the sisters went through.
Even though this story isn't all true of Jan Austen's life, there are facts that are and gives you a glimpse of how she created her characters for her many novels. Plus, Anne Hathaway is in it and I love her. She is an awesome actress. Anyway, this is a lovely story any Jane Austen fan needs to see.
Based on the life of Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire, ancestor to Princess Diana. The struggles the Duchess went through in her loveless marriage, the passion of her love affair, this story makes you feel it all. Such a strong woman, especially in her time, yet such a sad life. It seems to echo down the family line.
Based on the life of Queen Victoria and how she came into power and the true love she had with the man that made her whole, Price Albert. It's such a short movie, but I loved every bit of it. Plus, I think Emily Blunt is a wonderful actress.
The first Koren romance movie I have seen and I absolutely love it. When watching this film be prepared and have a FULL tissue box near by cause this movie really gets the tears rolling. Love triangles, death of a loved one, renewed love, memories, etc. They really know how to make a girl cry. I hate subtitle movies, but hell, when they are this good, who cares.

From this point on, I am just going to link/list the movies. These are just the feel good Romantic Comedies. I am sure I could go on and on. These are the only ones I could think of at the moment. Do you have any recommendations? What are some of your favorites?


Friday, February 11, 2011

What's in my Purse?

Many beauty guru's and girls on YouTube post videos about what's in their purse, and a friend of mine, Alicia @ I B.E. Addicted did a "What's in my Purse" blog. So, I thought I would do one too. She actually is the inspiration to many of my post lately. Sometimes, blogging can get stale doing reviews or health and beauty/ makeup products. Doing something like this makes blogging fun and interesting. It's all along the same line anyway. So, without further ado..."What's in my Purse" photos.

I bought this Coach purse about a year ago or so when it first came into season. It's the midsize hobo....Madison? Can't really recall. Anyway, it's the only purse I have been using since. I am really picky when it comes to purses and I have yet to really find one in my price range that I want.

Inside of purse...lining is lavenderish in color. Large zippered pocket on one side and there are two opened pockets on the other. I tried putting my cellphone in those but it slips out. So, I put my mirrors in there and whatever else.

Coach wallet I bought at Marshalls or TJMax about 5 years ago, regular coach wrislet that I take everywhere with me when I don't want to lug my heavy purse around, sunglasses that are suppose to be in the car and not my purse, a Sephora rectangular mirror, a round Sonia Kashuk mirror (no reason why I have 2 mirrors, I just do), driving gloves (they aren't normally in my purse, they were just in the way and ended up there), makeup bag.

This is the stuff I keep either loose in my purse or in the large zipper compartment- female necessities, hair ties and clips, that plastic bag looking thing is a plastic barrier used when giving CPR (I kept it from CPR class because I never know when I will need it), lotion from a hotel room (I hate it. It has a horrid fragrance. I have no clue why it's still in my purse.), blue bottle is Bath and Bodyworks 24/7 moisture boost body lotion which I love, Kroger grocery card, pencil, Mountain Dew lip balm (I don't use it really, it's just there) nail clippers, pencil sharpener, Carmex lip balm, gray tube of lipstick is travel size Tarte color Hatha (my fav tube of lipstick. I have it regular size in my makeup collection), Sephora lip gloss in Rosy Glow, 2 softlip lip balms, L'Oreal Bare Naturale Lip conditioner in Soft Mica, L'Oreal Bare Naturale Lip conditioner in Soft Spice, Crystal Light packets, and peanut bar if me or Cameron needs a blood sugar boost if we are out and about.

Now lets open up my makeup bag. This thing weighs a ton.

Degree in Delicious Bliss  (for those days when you need extra protection or when you run our of the house and forgot deodorant), Sephora Clear nail polish, Bare Mineral powder in Summer Bisque, Sephora lip gloss in Precious Pink, Estee Lauder lash primer and high def mascara, Estee Lauder All Over Face Deluxe Compact, Bliss triple Oxygen +C Energizing Cream, Coopertone NutraShield Sunscreen lotion SPF 70, Smashbox Eye Shadow Trio "On Stage," Smashbox HD Foundation (IDK why I even have that in here. It's not even my color), nail filer, Two Face First Base (it's too shimmery, I don't care for it), Stella perfume (not in love with the fragrance, but I do like it) Dior Crayon Eyeliner in Black, and Etee Lauder brushes.

Really didn't think it was that much in my purse until I was typing it all out. I need to really downsize it. Sheesh, no wonder it weighs more than a newborn, lol!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking inside my purse, now show me yours!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I am always curious about what people's handwriting looks like, especially those that you met via the internet since everything you see is typed. A friend of mine, who is a bloggerista, Alicia @ Andersonondemand, was tagged awhile ago to do a penmanship survey. I thought is was different so I decided I would do it too.

Here's what you do:

There will be 8 questions you have to answer. All your answers have to be written down on paper. Once complete, take a photo of your paper with answers and post it on your blog.


1. What's your name/ your blogger name?
2. What is your blog's name/ URL?
3. Write the following sentence-
          "The quick fox jumped over the lazy dog."
4. Your favorite quote
5. Your favorite song
6. Your favorite band and singers
7. Anything else you care to say?
8. Tag 3-5 people



When I wrote my OCD really kicked in for this, I mean it really did. I think I must have written this over about 10 times before I said to heck with it. I honestly hate my handwriting. I wish I had the penmanship of some of my cousins, aunts and uncles. They all have such beautiful handwriting and I am jealous. I know weird thing to be jealous of. Oh well, LOL!

Friday, January 28, 2011

In Search For the Perfect Eyeliner

MUF Travel Size Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover
and Aqua Eyes Pencil in Black

My eyes hate makeup, they especially hate eyeliner. They tend to tear up knowing anything is going near them. It's always been like that no matter how gentle or how little eye make up I put on them. Due to the constant tearing, it makes it hard for my eyeliner to stay. So, since many "guru's" on YouTube recommended this product, I thought I would give it a go. I wanted to try their eye makeup remover also so I opted for the travel size available via

Let me start of with the Sens'Eyes Waterproof Sensitive Eye Cleanser. I know in the past I raved about Estee Lauder Eye Makeup remover being the best eye makeup remover I had ever tried. Well this beats it hands down. The gel/lotion like consistency is very soothing to the eye and it took off my waterproof mascera effortlessly. No burning, no stinging, no oily residue to have to put up with. I LOVE IT! That's all I can say. I will be repurchasing this in full size in the near future.

Now for the eyeliner. Make Up Forever claims in the description that this Aqua Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge proof, and fade proof. My first test to see how waterproof this was- I washed my face and prepared it as if I was going to apply my makeup, but I only applied the eyeliner. After I let it set for about a few minutes, I hopped into the shower and washed everything except my face. After I dried off, I looked into the mirror and was thoroughly disappointed. I looked like a raccoon. The intensity of the color was good so in a sense it is waterproof, but staying put it does not. A few days later, I tested this on my waterline and sadly it disappeared a few hours later. It even disappeared around the outer conner of my eye where it tears the most. In the end, I do have to say, this is the most pigmented eye pencil I have used and it did last on my upper eyelid, but I can get similar results with cheaper eye pencils.

So, my search for the perfect eyeliner continues.....